Back From Horse-Shoe Woods Part One: Caving.

Well I’m back and I’m glad!  Not that some of it wasn’t fun.  Here’s my report on Caving.

Unfortunately before caving I forgot which tent I was in. I stood out in the field waiting for Amy, who knew where our tent was, I ended up going to caving half an hour late, and wearing my brand new trousers. Fortunately the school had exagerated when they claimed that any clothes we wore would have to be thrown away when we got home. I was actually very good at it, I was one of the few people who wasn’t scared. They also had a team game where you  had to pair  up and try and find an object. I had no partner and I was the only one who didn’t ask the teacher if he could hide my object nearby. I spent most of my time trying not to get wet because of  my clothes. So I was really pleased when I saw that the object (a blue ball) wasn’t in the only escape hatch that was tottally flooded, until I looked at the tunnel leading from it, the one that led outside so I couldn’t reach it via another tunnel, there was the blue ball.

I managed to find it, hough Mr Abbot did keep giving me hints!



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