Bon Voyage!!!

The time has come the walrus said,

“The time has come” the walrus said,

 “to talk of many things.

Like bits of string and sealing wax,

and cabbages and kings.

And why the sea is boiling hot,

and whether pigs have wings.”

A bit of totally unrelated poetry there, I’m not actually sure if it is bits of string and sealing wax.

I’ve just Googled it and it’s Shoes and ships and sealing wax. Or something ike that.

Anyway, today has been spent in preparation for Horse-shoe woods. I went to The Outlet Village aka Street aka Clarks village where I bought some supplies, like water-proof trousers and a coat, some torches, a new sleeping bag and some slippers. My bag weighs ten tons!

Here is a copy of the list:

ImageYou can probably just read it. I’ve got to take everything, except the phone, that’s banned, and the diary, I don’t keep one, I prefer a blog. For sweets I’ve got some rice cakes (yes, maybe they’re not exactly treats, but I quite like them.) and a six-pack, (well, more of a five-pack) of beer. Joke! Actually it’s cheese and onion crisps, I’ve sniffed some beer, and had a sip of wine at New Years Eve and in some French wine cellars, but I didn’t like it. I ‘ve also got about six or twelve books, as well as three in my handbag, which I’m bringing. It can carry three or four reasonably sized books and has a secret compartment which I use as a purse. I wonder if the teachers will search it for mobile phones!

I’m looking forward to the trip.  At the last-minute on Friday Amy told me that she had nobody to go with either, so now we’re going together! Maybe she can help me carry my stuff!

This time tomorrow I’ll be lying in a bunk with Amy (in a separate bunk hopefully!) In the food hall (hopefully Lily was wrong when she said that it would be covered in dropped food!) possibly having a midnight feast! (I may bribe the teachers!)

So long! Bon Voyage! Au revoir!

PS. James and Henry didn’t like my rota. It seems that I got the times wrong or something, oh well, the struggle can continue while I’m away!


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