Who will rid me of this infernal Wii ?!!

Today Mum was still away (she left on Friday). We decided to go to Hestercombe, mainly because it kept raining and Hestercombe has loads of little houses that we could use for shelter. Unfortunately, in between visits to Hestercombe we had to put up with James and Henry arguing about the wii. Henry’s the worst. When it’s time for tea it takes time to prise him away from the wii’s charm. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step One: Ask Henry to turn the wii off.

Step Two: If Henry says that he just needs to do one more thing, let him do it, don’t start an argument.

Step Three: If Henry refuses then go and tell Mum or Dad.

Step Four: Tell Henry that Mum/Dad say he has to turn off the wii.

Step Five: If he still refuses then repeat steps three and four, only insert threats for step four.

Step Six: Problem solved!

I have now drawn up a rota meaning that everyone gets  a go on the telly. Fingers crossed it will stop the arguments!


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