Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, I was feeling too full! We had Chinese last night, the soy sauce is addictive I think. Anyway I think I ate to much. We don’t have Chinese very often, Mum doesn’t like it that much, the first time we had it she ate barely any. Probably because of James’s awful table manners!

We had just been to the swimming pool, where I created the spectacular shark game:        

 Here’s how to play:

You will need:

A swimming pool where they are doing a special ‘Funky Floats’ day.

Some of those massive square flat floats with stripes on the side going red, white and blue, like tooth paste. (optianal).

How to play:

  1. Pick one person to be Shark and one person to be Person.
  2. The person gets on the raft (or big flat float) and floats to the middle of the pool.
  3. The shark then tries to sink the ‘raft’.
  4. Once the shark has sunk the ‘raft’ the two players switch positions.

 The game can be adapted to include three or more people.

Before that we had Pizza and Chips.


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