Music, Miracles and My Day

First the Miracles: Mrs Corridor, my music teacher, is incredibly stict about music books. She almost always gives detention to kids who forget them, which is why I began to plan my own funeral, when I discovered that I’d left my music book, my home school diary AND my pencil case (!) in the classroom! Another class was having a lesson there so I couldn’t get them back. I wondered how Mrs Corridor was going to kill me she could do it in several ways:

  1. She could turn one of her bigger drums upside down, fill it with oil and boil me alive.
  2. Strangle me do death with a violin string.
  3. She could plug me into one of the keyboards and play a tune whilst I’m being electrocuted.
  4. Or she could be merciful and jus knock me out by hitting me on the head with a drumstick until I fell unconsious.

We did rythm patterns and discovered a peg that looked slightly like a gun and when clicked convinced Poppy to do whatever we said.

Mrs Corridor didn’t notice!

Today I also made cakes without any help. Choc Chip Chocalate muffins, the best you ever tasted. Made by a girl with out any help from a  cat, a squirrel, or a duck! (This sentence won’t make any sense unless you’ve read the book pumkin soup by Helen Cooper.) They even had cherries on top!

Another exciting event was the strange package. It was addresses to me, and when I opened it there was a copy of Jerome K Jerome’s (terrible name!) three men in a boat. It is very funny, all about these men who decide that they are very ill after discovering that they suffer from all the symptoms in the medical book, except those for house maids knee. The narrator, who I think is named Jim, is hilarious as he often accuses people of doing the very things that he does. Like when he said that his freind Harris should not do all the work or he’d become like a very anoyying Uncle of his and finishes by saying “Here, give it to me, I’ll do all the work!”

It is just as funny as Diary of A Nobody! There are a lot of incredibly funny books written during Victorian and Edwardian times.



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