My great sporting feats!

Today was sports day! Unfortunately I lost the welly throw, I only threw five metres, the winner threw 11 metres!!!  I also took part in capture the flag, at first I wasn’t allowed to be an attacker, my team refused to let me!

But eventually I said to myself Screw Them! And (sorry bad grammar, starting a sentence with And!) I went up to the line and ran! Word spread and the cry “GET ELIZABETH!” flew up! I was tagged a few steps away from the circle, but, BUT, it wasn’t my fault. Earlier that day my ankle had started hurting, usually only one ankle hurts but this time both did, but one was worse than the other. I was running about, when a swerved sharply and felt a sharp pain in my ankle, after that I was tagged and limped back. There were several matches like that. I only went back to defence once, though I couldn’t walk without feeling pain I kept going quoting “Once more onto the breach my friends, once more!” I actually won once. Three people made it to the circle and one of them held the flag up high, I was one of those three people. Not the one holding the flag, though I actually thought it would be more sporting to let me old it as I’ve never won before. I always kept on going, because I love capture the flag!

Here is why:

Reasons why I like capturethe flag:

  • I am a great attacker, mainly because I still posses those stone-age insticts that make me I think run faster whilst being chased.
  • My fame as the schools worst sports woman means that I am often one of the last people the other team see as a threat.


Reasons why I dislike capture the flag:

  • My team doesn’t realise my talent, they take a lot of persuading. Today after my first time as attacker a girl from my team told me to go back to defence, then the girl on my other side said: “But she almost got through last time!” That’s right. To be persuaded to let me take part, they need to see me take part. I can’t win!
  • Capture the flag is like a war or game of chess. It isn’t just about speed of brute force, it’s about tactics unfortunately some of my team disagree. Milly and I even had an argument about it once. She favoured speed and I favoured tactics. She won the argument, but I also won! The other team had the same idea and used the tactics I suggested and beat us!

Loads of other stuff happened today as well, but it’s late so I’ll have to get back to them in another post.

See you laters alligators! (No offence to any super intelligent alligators reading this post.)

See ya!


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