Velcro the super cat 2

VELCRO PROVED HERSELF! Today I did three flags instead of two, one for England, one for France and one for a draw, Velcro almost completely finished off the butter under the ‘it’s a draw’ flag! She is now officially physic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More good news:

  • Sports day may be cancelled!
  • If it isn’t I may be able to participate in the tug’o’war after all!
  • Tommorow we finnally start our zoo project in maths (up to now we’ve only done work-sheets)
  • Almost every one has finished their front covers for the zoo projects, so now Mrs Charcoal can judge them., for the competition she set up.
  • She seemed to really like mine so I may win.
  • On Thursday we get to decide who we’re sharing a tent with at Horse-Shoe woods (and I get to find out how the teachers deal with people who don’t have a group!)
  • Next Monday we’re going to Horse-Shoe Woods!!!

Ahhhhhh! Happy Days!



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