visiters of the lost shark

Today we went to The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. There was a whole room devoted to the bottom of the sea, loads of darkness, special lighting and signs. The only problem was that the lighting and the darkness made it almost impossible to read the signs without getting eye strain! At least it was better that the shark. A massive model of a great white, gnashing its teeth. It was actually quite scary. They sold it to Living Coasts, they’ve made it so you can choose whether or not you want to go past the shark, I know this because a member of staff told us, she said that it was great now the shark was gone because some of the staff also found the shark a bit freaky. Too be honest I was more scared of Dad’s annoying game where he’d pick us up and throw us at the beasts mouth! One wrong move and I’d end up in hospital!

Afterwards we went to Aunty Jolene’s. Aunty Carrie (who’s actually my great-aunt) and Grandad John who gave me two new books and a list of funny signs.

My favourite is definitely the second-hand shop

As seen outside a second-hand shop:

We exchange anything! Clothes washing machines ect. Why not bring your wife along and get a wonderful bargain?

Well, it makes me laugh, I’ve put a list of them on the site at, which is your favourite?


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