This is Beaky, …

ImageThis is Beaky, I got her at a second hand shop. you never know what you’ll find in a second hand shop, today I  got a copy of Jacueline Wilson’s The Diamond Girls, Dav Pilkey’s Ook and Gluck, Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future! Tweety-pies highflying adventure on video, Pre-hysteria on video and Spongebob Halloween, on DVD and Beaky of course. I looked her up on the beanie baby website A-Z. They don’t seem to have Beak! Luckily she was on Amazon and I found out that she’s a kiwi bird, I thought that she was a baby ibis, but Mum and Dad were certain she was a type of bird called a Curnley or something. She’s the perfect addition to my collection of cuddly toys! I’ve got loads and I don’t think I’ve ever thrown any away! Stuffed animals can be used for many things: Cushions, Animation (one of my hobbies!), Ornaments and plus they are adorable!

My favourite (don’t tell the others) is penguin, I always take him whenever I go on holiday, along with another cute toy. I don’t actually collect them, when I look at a stuffed animal I don’t think wow a new addition to my collection! I think wow  a new freind! Still, I’m not alone! Many people collect cuddly toys, I’m probably a arctophilist, though that really means I just collect teddy-bears.

Please comment if you know what you call a collecter of soft toy animals, and tell me about some of your collections.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now!)


One comment on “This is Beaky, …

  1. Astrolabe says:

    Beaky looks sad. Perhaps your parents were talking about a curlew.

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