Cryptozoology, the study of ledgendary creatures, one of my interests and the subject of this post. Here are my two of my fave cryptids!

Big Cats in Britain

There have been several sightings of big cats wandering around Britain, esspecially around Somerset! The most popular theory is the:

Exotic Pets Theory

The rumour about big cats living out on British moors started around the same time as a craze for exotic pets in Britain. As you can guess, many people found that their pet puma was harder to care for than they first thought. If, for some reason, they couldn’t return their pets they often released them into the wild moors of Britain.

Nowadays they are everywhere!

The Loch Ness Monster

Hands up if you’ve already heard of this creature! Yes, Nessie has become one of the symbols of Scotland, Sir Peter Scott (great naturalist and son of the polar explorer) even gave her a latin name! Nessiteras rhombopteryx, for a while this persuaded every one to take the ledgend more seriously, until someone noticed that the name was an anagram for Monster Hoax By Sir Peter S!

I have visited Loch Ness many times and have never clearly seen the monster,

Though on my last holiday as I we were driving past the loch I did see what looked like an upside down boat through the mists, it was probably nothing, but the bottom of the boat did appear to have a mast sticking out of it, it could almost have been a neck and head…

See you next time!

.P.S. Today was pretty  much the same as yesterday, why must it continue to rain?!! Still, I hope you’ll agree that this post was far from boring!


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