Staying in bed.

Today I woke up, the boys were playing on the Wii, so I decided to stay in bed with my laptop, later I made myself some bran-flakes I usually have rice-crispies but I think Uncle Percy had the last of them. I ate them in my chair and then went back to bed. Later I ate some spaghetti on toast sitting on the sofa watching Arthur with my brothers. Then I brought my laptop onto the sofa and played on it for a while, then James wanted to borrow it so I watched Rattatoulie with Dad, whilst Henry complained that he wanted to play on the Wii. I spent the rest of the evening playing Guess Who?

I’m allowed to watch to programs on i-player in bed. I watched Horrible Histories: Savage Songs and 12 Again: Episode 10, the one with Dani Harmer.


.P.S. Yes, I know this post is so boring that many of you will not have reached this sentence having switched to somthing more exciting (like watching paint dry) half way through. But if you didn’t let me congratulate you on your amazing stamina and ask you this:

Does a new and exciting thing happen to you every day?


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