The Badger.

I have just witnessed an amazing natural spectacle. A badger, in my back garden. We haven’t seen the badger for ages, possibly because badgers are the last living members of thew bear family left in Britain, which I think mean they hibernate. We still left food out for him though. Today he had mouth-watering left-over pasta, not everyones favourite dish I’ll admit, but he seemed to enjoy it. Mum held Velcro up to the window for a while, normally when we do this Velcro finds somthing much more interesing somewhere else, but this time she was riveted. When Mum put her down again she sat in front of the window for ages, even after we’d gone! I guess that a new animal in her territory is one of the things that Velcro finds interesting, I hope she didn’t go out to confront the badger. They have very sharp claws!

Uncle Percy left this morning so I’m back in my own room, we went swimming again.



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