pRT (Party) ON!

Today me, James, Henry, Mum, Dad and Uncle Percy all drove to Wales. While the adults walked up the Brecon Beacons, James, Henry and I stayed with Nana and Grandad and went to a street party. My Auntie Sharon came round with Mary Rose and Lisa. Mary Rose is only six, but she looks eight because she’s so tall! Lisa was cute. She seemed quite happy to sit and watch me read, luckily I happened to have the map of the dinosaurs at Bristol zoo and the activity sheet I got a Cardiff Castle in my handbag (both have lots of pictures) so she didn’t get bored. There was a lot of food there. I was a bit worried about the boiled eggs as last time the only eggs were for the egg and spoon race. I had one before I asked if there was an egg and spoon race on (there was, but I discovered that they used different eggs) when I was eating them and asking Grandad if he knew whether or not they were for the egg and spoon race some one called out that they were boiled eggs. Then Nana started to explain about us being vegetarian. Why did she have to explain? These were adults, when all the adults I know were kids everyone ate boiled eggs, now it’s considered extraordinary and if your at school every one nearby needs to come and check if that’s a real egg or some sort of fake.

Now these adults were questioning me! I didn’t win the egg and spoon race, I tried to hard to keep my egg balanced, there were two races and I won nothing! The next contest was a draw a picture of the queen competition, quite suprisingly (as I’m a very good artist) I didn’t win my age group, but I think I  came second. I didn’t win the pass the parcel either. Though some of the prizes weren’t that good. One parcel contained a massive bag of haribos, another had just an ordinary bag folded in half.

I managed to get Auntie Sharon to paint my nails red whit and blue. When she suggested it I liked the idea, and anyway Lisa had her nails painted! If a four yearold can have them done then I can! Their paint is peeling and chipped now but they looked good at the time. Lisa actually ran to her Mum when she saw and said that she had missed out one of my thumbs, I’m not sure how she could think that, it’s not as if my thumb has always been white!

All in all it was a great day! Bye!!! Bye!!!


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