Splish, Splash!

Today we went swimming! I can now swim:

10m under water, 110m above water. Cool or what?!! They had this rapids thing o though, so it wasn’t easy. When we go on holiday we often go to this place called Chambord. As part of the pool there they have a thing called the ‘Lazy River’ it is a long circular pool of water with a current stronger than that of a real river. It is shallow enough for every one in our family, except Henry, to stand up in. The rapids thing was similair, there were however a few differences, here are some of them:

  1. The Lazy river is quite shallow, but not shallow enough for Henry to stand up in, meanwhile the rapids are so deep that I can’t stand up in them!
  2. The lazy river sometimes has a soft gentle current, but mostly has a fun, but very strong one. Meanwhile the Rapids have an incredibly strong current at almost all times! The other times it is switched off.
  3. The Lazy river is in its own separate pool, whereas the the rapids are part of the big pool.
  4. You can choose whether or not to visit the Lazy River, whereas, unless you grab hold of one of the poles used to hold up bunting to celebrate the jubilee and hold on tight you are sucked into the rapids.

Other than that though, it was great!

We also discovered a secret. There are three big spraying things at the pool, who, as you pass them occasionally spray you in a seemingly random fashion. However don’t be fooled! If one starts spraying you every time you go past in your newly dried clothes after a long day of swimming, DON’T go to the nearest fortune teller and ask if you are cursed! Go and punch the life guard. That’s right! The lifeguards control the sprayey thingies! Now here’s the big question!

But, first let me set the scene:

The sprayey thingie was not going and Dad began to stare straight at the nozzle, wondering why, suddenly the life-guards finger moved and a jet of water hit Dad in the face! The life-guard  smiled. A harmless joke you may think. But just think about this, wouldn’t the life-guard have been payed more if Dad had lost consciousness and he saved him?

Think about it.

Can’t wait for my next trip to the pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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