This morning nothing much happened. Then later we went to the Pirate Ship. We met one of Jame’s friends with the strange name Zeus, and headed straight for the swing. The pirate ship is a model pirate ship, withslides and proper rigging. As well as that it has a similar but smaller car version, and one of those swings that is attached to a zip wire. Me and James have invented several tricks to do on that swing, but the best is our running away game:

The running away game

You will need:

A swing

Some friends

  1. One of your freinds climbs on to the swing.
  2. The rest of you stand in front of the swing, it’s best to start quite far away on your first go.
  3. Run for your life! Tip: make sure your freind is going super fast!

Variations: Alternativley you could wait for a stranger to use the swing rather than getting one of your friends to do it.

When we got back Uncle Percy came round. He’s staying the night so I have to sleep in James’s room,

More on that tommorow!



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