HorseShoe Wood

Our trip to Horse-Shoe woods has caused a lot of drama.

It seems that I can’t go in a tent with Lily, Laurel and Poppy.

I turns out that, according to Poppy, they have made a new rule just for their tent saying no books. Also, according to Poppy, she and Laurel are both bringing normal campbeds, whilst Lily  is apparently bringing a ridiculously large campbed which will take up almost half of the tent! You are allowed either a lilo or a campbed, luckily Mum phoned up about the ‘No carry-mats’ rule and they said that it was okay. One slightly worrying fact is that they said yes shortly after Mum told them that her carry-mat could withstand tempratures of -85, or somthing like that. Now I can’t help feeling worried about going on a trip where you need bedding that can survive tempratures below freezing!

See you later, (if I survive the trip!)


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