You are reading the blog of a 6c scientist!

Today Mrs Charcoal told me that I got a six C in science! She said that she had never had an AFL like mine before! Mum says that it’s esspecially good because science is less subjective than writing, there is generally only one right answer. Unless you try and create your own theories, then anything’s possible!

Now I have a story to tell you:

The year is 1899, the Victorian age. The British Empire rules the earth, and a group of children are preparing for PE. Unfortunately, five of them were in trouble.

The children waited for the teacher to notice, in the past children had just been told off and allowed to do sports. This time though, this time, the teacher said that they must spend the lesson inside the hall writing out : I must always bring my kit to PE.

They were told to sit apart from each other and began to work. Two of them spent their time cursing their bad memories, two of them were called out after a while and told to join the lesson, and one of them tried to see how much she could write in one hour. She was luckiest, she actually began to wonder if she’d dodged a bullet when she was told that the other children had been playing rounders, and began to consider deliberatley forgetting her kit on the day of the bleep test. A test of sheer stamina, an ancient relic, brought over tii Britain by the Romans, who got it from the ancient Spartans.

This story could have taken place at any time during Victoria’s reighn, but in fact, it happened on 29th May 2012.

Nothing seems to have changed there then.

See Ya!


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