Jurrasic Park!

Today I went to Jurrasic Park! Not really, but it was just as good.

Today the dinosaurs came back to Bristol Zoo! We walked around and saw several different anamatronic dinosaurs! There was one that would turn its head and open its mouth if you controlled it using a button and a lever. It didn’t make noise so I had to improvise, making it say: “Gottle o’gear! Gottle o’gear!” If your interested in finding out more please visit Bristol Zoo. My favourite dinosaur was the Edmontosaurus! As well as looking really realistic, it also had loads of babies, a few of which could also move! There was another dinosaur with a baby, but it wasn’t as sweet!
Two dino’s could spray water! The Baronyx was a water dino, so they had it spraying water, unfortunately, it couldn’t spray that far and it wasincredibly difficult to get splashed!

The other one I don’t know the name of, but I do know that it always sprays water. I’ve been  to two zoos with anamatronic dinosaurs and they always have this one spraying water.  But, I found out that there is no actual  fossil evidence that proves  that it could spit venom, and the idea was just invented to make movies more exciting!

The dinosaurs mut have felt quite at  home, with all that heat! It was so hot that our water became lukewarm and ran out, so I had to fill it up in the toilets! (Using the taps! Not the toilets!)  We all had ice lollies, I had a cornetto. All in all quite a nice day.

After we got home I found out that there was a short story competition on the bristol zoo website called ‘how I met a dinosaur.’

I threw the lolly I got for assembly as it keeps staining everything. Dad’s promised me a new one.



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