Walking around a field with some water buckets.

Today in world links club we were brain-storming ways to raise money for water aid, along with my comments:

Walking round the field carrying buckets. ( Some one came up with this last year, but I reminded everyone because I thought it would be a good idea, as we’re raising this money so that other children don’t have to walk around carrying buckets.)

Raffle with toy water creature as a prize (this was originally a guess the name of the teddy with a watery theme, but a raffle was better. One of the girls said that she had some unwanted toy seals, and Mrs Rabbit said she had a toy fish.)

Cake sale ( The last cake sale I was part of started off with loads of customers, by lunch time we had less, and the next day we were trying to sell them in the playground and the price had gone from 25p to 5p or 10p.)

Sponsored read (Mrs Rabbit said that this seemed more like a wintery thing.)

Sponsored cycle (Needs to much organization, where would we cycle? Who would take part? When would we do it?)

Hook the duck (not enough space for a massive paddling pool for the ducks.

Loads more sponsored stuff, eventually we decided on the cake sale, the raffle and walking round the field with buckets.

I’ll tell you how it all goes!

PS. As a reward for doing the assembly I recieved a giant lollipop. Unfortunately, you have to lick it for ages as it is too big to bite, and it stains everything it touches.

I have hardly anything to wear, so I’m getting new clothes. It’s a good thing I have that lolly, as Dad’s threatend to stop giving me crisps for a break-time snack! He says he’ll give me rice-cakes, but he NEVER remembers to buy them, so I may end up snack-less. If I don’t post anything next week you can assume that I have DIED(!!!! DAN-DAN-DAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  from malnutrition!



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