Sticking out of a bush, or how I spent my lunchtime.

The assembly went BRILLIANTLY!!!!!!!!

I remembered all my lines, including the bit in Swedish. Heigh Och Vellkommen (hello and welcom.) Milly and Laura were also great, Milly especially as she was part of the choir too! One of the Greeks and a lady who I think was Swedish were crying at the end of the last song. The song was Drop in the Ocean, a song about how all nations and continents are connected by just a drop in the ocean.

I spent most of my lunch time with my bottom half sticking out of a hedge, here’s how it happened:

We were all eating lunch, when Ida, Lily and Sally decided to play catch with a tennis ball. Unfortunately the ball hit the hedge twice, and in the end no one could find it. So I decided that I could probably climb into the hedge through a hole and find the missing ball. Unfortunately was unsuccsessful. Still, that’s one way to kill a lunchtime.

C U 2moz! (See you tommorow, in text speak!)



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