A lot of stuff happened today…

A lot of stuff happened today, so here it all is:

Today it was international day at school. We had some foreign people come in, they’ve been visiting our school for the past week, but today they gave talks, each group gave talks to a different house, and then we did posters about the countries. I did Greece. I am one of the only three girls in my class that are in the house Boudicca.

There are four houses:

Boudicca (green)

Erik the red (blue)

William the conqueror (red)

and Alfred the great (yellow)

One of the girls from Boudicca was away, so I decided to start of a poster, and finnish it with the other girl, Milly, who was at a music lesson. When she came back she refused to work with me as she’d been watching the WTC talk and therefore needed to work with one of the WTC girls.

I worked alone and soon managed to create a funny timeline for my poster, involving famous Greek art pieces from each period.

Next we had art. We had to do a design for a stencil. The idea being that we would engrave and acid spray them onto the windows of our school library. It had to represent either: God, Jesus or the holy spirit. But they wanted something a bit more original than a dove on fire. So for the holy spirit I did a flying sheep-dog.

The idea behind my master – piece was that if God and Jesus are both shepherds and we’re all sheep, then the holy spirit would be the thing that keeps us following the shepherds, a sheepdog. So I drew a sheep dog, flying through space on  doves wings. Next week I’m going to turn it into a stencil.

Well, it isn’t a dove, is it?


PS I was picked to narrate tommorows assembly, more about that tommorow!


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