Idiots! The Chronicles of my bus.

Remember my last post about Year Sevens. Well I was right! They are Idiots! There were no free seats at the front so I had to sit at the back. The Year Sevens started their usual cries of “Go to the front!” “You can’t sit here!” and other such rubbish. When a boy decided to try a new idea, the first person to be called on this blog by the name that I use to reffer to him in real life, Dead Mouse For Brains or DMFB, decided to try leaning against me to block me off with his body! I stepped aside, and he fell over backwards. He got up and punched me as I went by!

Picture it: Poor little me, a Year Six girl, smallest in her class, up against a big burly Year Seven, amazingly tall! Of course I hit him back! Then I grabbed hold of his arm to stop him hitting me again. He is so annoying, he’s always swearing! Today he used the F word twice in one sentence!

After school my mum phoned up the school, so he’ll probably get into trouble!

Good Night.


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