Romanus aroudus theus Castleus! (Latin)

Today,like last week, we visited Cardiff Castle. They were having their Roman Day. So we actually went to Cardiff castrum, that’s actual Latin, I checked it on Google Translate. We saw a display, unfortunatley we were near the end of the feild where it was being done. We saw some soldiers marching and showing off their weapons, but all we heard about the commentary was : “Blah… blah… blah… spear… blah… blah… Sword… blah… blah…”  They had some life-sized models of the Roman equivelent of cannons. They tried to shhoot arrows an bits of fruit at model people, but only hit two of them. Rubbish! However, I did enjoy the Day In The Life Of A Roman Woman, Dad and the boys got bored and left, but I stayed and it was very interesting and funny! We also did training to become Gladiators! We had to hit wooden targets, and mine definetly wobbled a lot. I finally got to watch this week’s Horrible Histories! It was on You-tube as I-player stop showing them at episode 9!


C U 2moz (Text talk for see you tommorow!)


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