Today we drew patterns in art with Mr Mat. The exact same thing we did yesterday!!!  In french we went to this cool site called French Extra, and this afternoon we watched How to train your Dragon! On Monday we’re going to play a game with the newspaper. The Year 7’s are becoming prejudice! They now encourage favouritism, Jane, a girl who used to be my friend, kept telling me to move forward to the year six bit, I was sitting in a two seat-er next to Lily, Harriet and one girl who, though she’s also in Year Six, is so tall she looks like a Year Eight! Still, I decided to move forward one seat, now I was in a two seat-er next to a three seat-er with Charles and Tom, who are also in Year 6, the Year 7’s continued to shout, and then Charles started to, claiming that, because of the angle of the seats, his seat was about half a centimetre, no, 1/4 of a centimetre more forward than mine. I pointed out that Lily and co were definitely further back than me, and then he said: “Yeah, but their rebels! You can report them if you want!” Despite Charles and Jane’s amazing persuasion skills, I didn’t move. Then Jack, Jane’s little brother came on, he’s in Year 5, but they still called over, “Hey, Jack come over!” Then they pointed at Steve, another Year 5 “Hey, Jacks friend! Come here!” They proceeded to then welcome them to sit in the seat they kicked me out of!

Well I was right, I always thought there was a hierachy, but I though it went:

Year 8

Year 7

Year 6

Year 5


 Now I know it goes:

Year 8

Year 7

Year 7’s friends and relations

Year 6s the Year 7 like

Year 6s hated by Year 7s

Year 5

I used to think Year 8 were worst, but they generally keep quiet as long as you don’t come into what the hierachy describes as ‘their area’ but the Year 7, have just moved up to Key Stage 3 and seem to think that they can decide were we Year 6s sit. This lot have known me since Year 5, and some of them for even longer, and yet they think they can boss me around and I’ll just do what they say whilst worshiping the ground they walk on? What a bunch of idiots!

See ya tommorow!


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