Harry Idiot

Today Mrs Charcoal made us do group work with people who are near us on the register. We had Lisa, Laurel, Harry Idiot (another guy who gets a rubbish namee because I hate him! (Harry Idiot, Hairy Idiot. Get it?)) We had three girls and one boy, so Laurel had to swap with Ronald. We had to see which group of four could make the tallest pasta tower! The boys tried to make a weird long thing with a triangular base, but eventually they tried better ideas, Lisa had the idea of making a cube. While we were making the cube, Harry was passing us tape, fetching more tape, twiddling a bit of pasta between his fingers and doing a running commentary on how by making one of the sides of the cube I was ‘taking over everything’! We didn’t have time to finish, because we took so long, it was a bit wonky, but still quite tall, then I heard Lisa say: “Harry, you smashed it!” and it had collapsed. Mrs Charcoal mesured it at 0cm I measured it with my own ruler and it came to 7cm, needless to say, we didn’t win! Harry insisted that it was all my fault and could be heard across the classroom, telling his freinds exactly how I ruined it!






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