Six down, two or three more to go.

Two tests on maths today. One had some really hard questions, including one very hard one aboutb marbles.

Three children have 30 marbles, Kirsty has two more than Seb and Mina has 5 more than Kirsty. How many do each of them have? I just guessed, but, according to my Dad it’s 14, 9 and something else… I think it was either 4 or 7. I also read this cool blog called Teacher Tom. It’s about this guy who teachers at a pre-school in America. I love reading it! Anyway only one or two tests tomorrow, it all depends on whether or not there is a test C, as tomorrow we have test B, though actually, test C could be the mental maths test we did today.

My friend Laura-Daisy, or Laura for short, got her hair stuck under the rubber handle of a bat during rounders. While she was struggling I said: “I guess this is what you’d call a ‘bat’ hair day!”

Stew Pid was terrible! Those of you who haven’t noticed the name I’ve given him, should know that he is an idiot and one of my worst enemies! He is so ANNOYING!!!!!! I tried to copy his annoyingness this morning, but I failed to annoy him after ages of staring annoyingly at him, however, he managed to totally annoy me with just one gesture after I made the simplest mistake! During rounders he kept almost hitting me with his bat, not like Laurel who just happens to run straight at the person at the post with her bat held in perfect position for scewering someone, he actually aimed to hit me! You’d think the teacher would stop it, pathetic! I had just managed to play four combined rythm patterns on my own based on a clock. I didn’t get to have my peice recorded, because being on my own, I couldn’t do it properly.

I asked Stew if he had played his peice, as I honestly did not remember. He answered by saaying, “Yes! Can’t you hear?!!?!!”

Very polite! I ask you! I then asked if he liked my peice, and he came up with the oppinions of several of his freinds who disliked it and informed me that my rythm was ‘not for boys’! I had to get up at the end of the lesson and glue some head-phones together, as they were broken, though my partner had been using them before she left, and I stopped when I realised they were broken. I expect that somebody else, from another class, had broken them and not mentioned it. I swear that I heard people booing as I walked up, though it may have been my imagination. After Stew said: “Tut, tut, tut, you shouldn’t have broken those headphones.” We had an arguement while the teacher told Stew off for holding us up, because he started the arguement!!!!!!!

At home we had chinese noodles and bean sprouts for tea, then Dad came back and he had brought home more noodles and beansprouts! So more delicousness tommorow!

‘Till then! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


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