The English SAT’s.

The SAT’s was fun! We had three tasks, The Short Writing, the long writing and the spelling test. For the short writing task we had to do a description of a strange bird. We had to imagine that we had seen a bird and needed to send a description of it to bird spotter magazine, so they could identify it.

I did a nocturnal swimming bird, that lived on Shapwick Heath and was a murky green colour so that it could blend in with the surounding water. It had rubbish flightless wings, a spoon-shaped bill and it hunted by splashing around and attracting fish. The one I saw was feeding it’s young.

After that was the long writing task where we had to imagine that we had to write a letter of persuasion to our head-teacher asking him or her to invite a well known real or made up character to visit our school. I chose Victor Victorian, historical reinactor, a made-up character who is one of those people who visits different schools dressed up as a historical character. He does games, quizzes and jokes, at half-price!

In between these tests was the spelling test, the theme was Atlantis, but we didn’t get asked to spell the word Atlantis!

After wards I felt slightly deppressed at first, the English SAT’s were over, now there will be nothing but maths SAT’s. But it gets worse, after the tests Mr Snave, the PE teacher, was talking about SPORTS DAY!!! How can anything get worse?

Luckily there were a few good things left, the Jubilee celebrations and the after-noon on Friday. We are going to watch a film and do art. We have to bring in LOTS of newspapers!!! There was a bit of a fuss about the film, we had to get our parents to sign to say we could watch it as it was PG, but it was How to train your dragon! Mrs Charcoal said that, according to the DVD box, it contained ‘mild threat’! I actually asked, what doesn’t contain ‘mild threat’?!! Tellitubbies?!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See You Tommorow! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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