Say hello to the new Steven Spielberg!

Hi, today made a movie! It took all morning to set every thing up! Then we went to Cheddar Gorge, and hid in the rabbit holes, we usually hide at the back of the rabbit hole field, behind the trees, but today we hid in the holes. My dad started looking for us, but he took ages! I kept wondering whether or not everyone had just left, leaving me here. Soon these people came with their dogs, my little brother Henry started acting up, because of his dog phobia so when the dogs ran right past me I was expecting pit-bulls, not sheep dogs! My mum and dad were getting worried, despite the woman’s helpful words: “My dogs track!” When my dad said that he gave up I just jumped out of my hole, practically right next to him! James had made himself a disguise of grass. Then we went home and had pizza! We started to make the movie, here’s the basic plot:

James is playing around and then goes off for a snack. His cupboard comes to life and eats his toys, James comes back with an orange, but leaves to try and find his toys. The cupboard comes back to life and sicks them, and a whole assortment of other things, up. James comes back and starts to draw, meanwhile, behind him, the cupboard devours the orange and burps. James looks round and shows the picture, it looks like the cupboard, James goes off screen laughing at the prospect of a live cupboard. The cupboard winks and says The End.

Brilliant! Hollywood here I come!


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