The SAT’s are coming!

The SAT’s are coming, and I’m not that worried. My Mum says that the SAT’s don’t matter and that the school will get punished, and Mrs Charcoal, my teacher, says (that she never got her son’s results.

I am worried about one thing, THE RULES!!!  (Insert lighting cracking, Thunder rolling and the theme tune to a Simpsons Tree House of Horror!) They actually allow you to take mascots into the SAT’s, I might bring in a mascot, though I don’t actually have one. I’m thinking of starting a mascot shop, selling different Mascots that do different things: This one keeps you confident, this one helps you work, ect. ect. But it might be against the rules.

Speaking of Rules, here they are. We did some pretend SAT’s tests under SAT’s conditions today and they told us what they were. Here they are…

  1. No looking around. If you sit there looking around, your name is written down and you could be removed from the hall! This is because you might be cheating. (Cheating? How could they think that?!!!)
  2. If you drop somthing you have to put your hand up and wait for a teacher to pick up whatever you dropped. (See cheating part of 1.)
  3. No rubbers, you don’t have time to rub things out.
  4. No talking, flicking rubbers at people or any other form of distraction.
  5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. and anything else up to 1 million!

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